Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lil Wayne: She Will

Favorite Line: "What goes around comes around like a hula-hoop. Karma is a bitch? Well, just make sure that bitch is beautiful."

Favorite Point: 4:12

She Will by Lil Wayne

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jet: Cold Hard Bitch

Love.  This.  Song.  It's so much fun, and makes me laugh when I listen to the words.  Coming from Australia, this band always seems to have fun songs.  Their first hit, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" came out in 2003.  When I first heard this I immediately loved it.  It's fun, groovy, and has lyrics that every guy can relate to.  Their most recent hit, "Seventeen", is okay.  It's definitely not my favorite song by them, because for some reason it just seems a little redundant.

Cold Hard Bitch - Favorite Line:
"Spent all my rent, girl you know I enjoyed it!"

Jet - Cold Hard Bitch by aneee